YWCA – Presents of Peace/ Guildford Park Hampers 2016

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YWCA Presents of Peace

I find that the Holiday Season for most of us is all about excess, we have more than we need, sometimes more than we know what to do with. Unfortunately, not everyone is as fortunate. There are some families that may be experiencing the uncertainty of their first Holiday Season without the means to provide for their children, while others … Read More

Exile Island – Children’s Wish 2016

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Exile Island Team Kaha Lina

A quick note from Lina and her family and our Team #KahaLina wanting to sincerely THANK YOU for your part in helping us beat our goal in raising over $13,000 in funds for Lina’s heartfelt wish. It was a truly beautiful day and seeing the kids all smiling is a memory that will stay with us all. I know my … Read More